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is an activity that has a direct impact on our well-being, since we dress daily and our clothes are part of how we look and feel.

What do the washing symbols on clothing labels mean?

Wash symbol
Whitening symbol allowed
Tumble dryer symbol
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Laundry Room

An organized and well-designed laundry room brings functionality and efficiency to the perpetual cycle of washing, drying, folding and storing.

My secret substitute for laundry detergent

If you are interested in the topic of alternative detergent, we recommend also this Url:
I have been using this formula for years to wash clothes; It is not only ecological, but also cheap and so simple!
How it all started...
At the most I started to worry a lot about chemicals when I had my first baby. And since the baby's skin is so delicate, I would not want to use traditional detergents which, by my intuition at the time, did not carry anything good.
I started buying ecological delicate detergent ... It was very good, but of course ... When you have to make a washing machine a day, there is a very important price difference with a "normal" detergent. So I continued, dedicating this detergent only to the baby, thinking: "We have the toughest skin ... To endure!". But of course, we also have to take care of ourselves and, above all, to separate the laundry between ours and the child's ... A tostón.
I got to buy the "magic ball", where it is assumed that no detergent is needed, and that alone, with the ceramic balls that it carries, it cleans the clothes. In my opinion, it was not bad at all, but I did not quite convince myself, and after 2-3 months I began to stop using it, because it did not give me the feeling of cleaning as at the beginning.
So my first recipe I put in this article arrived, and the truth is that it works well: Marseille soap, water and baking soda. But of course: the second child arrived and with work, haste, etc ... It is lazy to put soap for washing machine after work day, or first thing in the morning when there is never plenty of time.
My trick to have homemade organic detergent
As I am a faithful advocate of: "You can wash your clothes with what you can wash your skin," so it was ... I started buying flakes of glycerin soap.
I had to go to look for soap scales. They are not so cheap
He was not very fan of the smell of soap sold in the Mercadona
Lizard soap had scales that did not dilute very well in winter - with the ice water that comes out of the washing machine drawer - so the soap sometimes accumulated in the drawer.

Recipe to put a washing machine with organic soap:
I've been with this trick for 2 years now. It doesn't take more than 2 minutes to prepare the detergent for about 30 washing machines (the more you do, the more you have ...). Is the next:
  • Soap bars for sensitive skin (odorless, dyes ... the more "Without" the better!)
  • Sodium carbonate or Sodium bicarbonate (see the difference below)
  • White vinegar
  • Utensils
  • A fine grater (like to make carrot into strips). I have a small machine that does not take more than 30 seconds ... You can always buy a manual grater (I did it too), then it will take you more ... and it requires a little more effort !.
Step by Step
Depending on the machine or grater you have, cut the soap bars into 2 grate them and leave them in a tupper or any other container, cardboard box, etc ...
...Nothing else!
What is sodium carbonate and what is the difference with bicarbonate?
Sodium carbonate is a product other than sodium bicarbonate, although several videos are shown on the internet showing that sodium carbonate can be made by heating the bicarbonate. I have used both, both are worth it, although for me carbonate is stronger and more effective than bicarbonate.
Being very alkaline, not only both serve as an enhancer to wash clothes and remove stains, but also help protect your washing machine from lime.
What is white vinegar for?
In this case, white vinegar serves as a fabric softener. It really leaves it soft as a softener, without any chemical or additional perfume. In no case leaves vinegar smell once dry clothes.
Why not use fabric softener that smells good?
Because the smell of "smells good" is one of the most chemical and toxic parts in the laundry you do. It is assumed that already 3% of the French population is allergic to perfumes (synthetic). In this video (from the second 52) a doctor confirms that allergies do not stop increasing, and that it is associated with the increasing use of household products.
In addition, if you have young children, keep in mind that they are disturbed by smell: I still remember my first child who, with a few days of life, cried every time a family member took him in his arms, for the perfume he had put on. We tested the third day to remove the perfume and stopped crying.

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